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Enhance your packaging process with the Smart Liquid Filler, offering unmatched efficiency and precision.Elevate your liquid packaging experience with innovative technology designed to optimize performance and accuracy

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About Mohow

Founded in 2019, Shanghai Mohow Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer dedicated to creating advanced liquid bottling machinery. Our portfolio features premier solutions, including liquid filling machines, bottle capping devices, label application systems, bottle rinsing tools, unscramblers, sorting machines, conveyor systems, and smart robot filling technology.We are a Smart Liquid Filling Solution OEM Leader Manufacturer located in shanghai China.

Shanghai Mohow is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Npack. Since 2020, our emphasis has been on integrating robotic systems to automate production workflows and implementing advanced vision systems within our clients’ operations. We offer both standalone packaging machines and comprehensive packaging lines, each fortified with specialized vision systems to meet our clients’ specific needs.


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No matter which industry you’re engaging, such as food and beverage, medicine, personal care ,cosmetics, chemicals, industrial oils, lubricants or any other industry that involves liquid dosing and measuring, our equipments and machines are essential in your packaging production and help you increase production efficiency, and filling accuracy.Mohow designs and builds liquid bottling machines and equipments that fulfills your demand, and also we customized the packaging production line according to your products, plant layout.

Customized Liquid Filling Solutions

Enhance productivity and filling accuracy, our smart Liquid Filler Machines are one of the best choice if you plan to purchase filling equipemtns from China.Our liquid filling machine adapt with different technologies and filling system to meet different types of liquid and bottles or containers , no matter which industries you are, we will have a solution for it.

smart robot bottle capping machine

Our smart automatic Bottle Capper Perfect and efficient for all production lines, it guarantees secure, consistent caps fast,torque capping. Easy to use and efficient are one of our capping machine main features, the servo system boosts your bottle or container with reliable and perfect capping. Contact our experts for more equipments information.

easy labeling

Upgrade your branding with our Labeling Applicator! It precisely and quickly puts labels on all bottle types, giving a sleek look effortlessly. It’s fast, dependable, and simple, revolutionizing your packaging.

Latest Projects

Discover a curated selection of our latest projects that highlight cutting-edge liquid packaging solutions designed to cater to a wide range of client requirements. Explore how we have successfully delivered innovative packaging designs that address the unique needs and preferences of our diverse clientele.

Filling Solutions for Olive Oil
Automatic Edible Oil Filling Equipments
Saucy Solutions
Sauce filling solutions
baverage bottling equipments

What Clients Comment

Very satisfied with Shanghai MoHow. Their machinery integrates seamlessly into our workflow, enhancing our productivity. The customer service is quick to respond and very helpful

honey and honey jar

MOHOW Smart Liquid Bottling Equipments transformed our packaging process, delivering superior quality and efficiency. Highly recommended!

Who Trust us


“Mohow provided exceptional service, meeting our unique packaging requirements with precision and reliability.High performance, minimal maintenance, and excellent customer support have made our investment …



“Shanghai MoHow’s machinery has exceeded our expectations. The equipment’s performance and durability have boosted our productivity, and their customer service is both prompt and helpful.”​



“Our experience with Shanghai MoHow has been very positive. The machinery is reliable and user-friendly, significantly reducing our downtime. Plus, their support team is always ready to assist. thanks Your team”​



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