Seal Every Bottle with Servo Torque System

Looking for the ideal machine to cap bottles? Mohow is here to meet all your packaging equipment needs. We’re experts in inline spindle capping machines ,tracking capping machine and offer a diverse range of durable machines tailored to fit most types of caps, regardless of their shape or size. Whether you’re dealing with plastic screw caps, ROPP caps, metal twist caps, or need vacuum sealing, we’ve got the solutions for you.After development and re-design our bottle capper, all of our cappers are driven by servo motor with torque adjustment.We have pick and place capper, inline tracking capping machine with moving heads,etc.

bottle capping solution
Experience Efficient Capping

Enhance Your Bottling Process

Our Bottle Capper ensures tight, reliable caps every time, boosting your product’s integrity and shelf stability.

Optimized Bottling Solutions for emotion control

Tracking Servo Capping Machine

This machine boasts the advantage of continuous bottle operation, ensuring that even when the bottles are nearly full after the filling process, liquid does not splash out during capping. It incorporates a highly efficient servo system, encompassing belt servo, horizontal moving servo, up and down moving servo, and servo capping head system. The servo motor facilitates automatic gripping and capping, ensuring precise movement and high-speed operation.

Prevent leaks and maintain product freshness.
Enhance product shelf appeal and integrity.
Improve overall bottling efficiency.
Bottle non Stop when capping, no liquid shaking out
40b/m base on single head
Streamlined Emotion and Robotic Capping Technology

Innovative Cap Solutions

Universal capping machines equipped with emotion control and robotics represent a novel integration of emotional intelligence into industrial automation. While traditional capping machines focus purely on the mechanical aspects of applying caps to containers, the addition of emotion control implies an advanced level of human-robot interaction


Our capper ensures consistently tight and secure caps for every bottle, reducing the risk of leaks and contamination.


Streamline your production line with quick and efficient capping, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.


Simple to operate, our Bottle Capper offers user-friendly controls for seamless integration into your bottling process.


Rely on our expert capping technology to consistently deliver reliable seals, ensuring product quality and durability.


Adaptable to various bottle sizes and cap types, our capper provides versatility to meet your diverse production needs.

Enhancing Process

The use of cobots in capping processes allows for more flexible and efficient operations, where robots work alongside humans to adjust quickly to changes in production needs or to perform tasks requiring special attention.

Commitment to Quality and perfect capping

Automatic Bottle Capping Solutions

Our team is prepared to assist you in optimizing your capping process, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency.No matter what typpes of caps, and what is the the capacity, we have a solution for you.

Enhance Your  Roll-on Pilfer Proof

Ropp Capping Machine

Our ROPP Capper streamlines your production line, improving efficiency and saving time. With its quick operation and consistent, secure caps, you can rely on our capping technology to enhance your bottling process and ensure top-notch product quality.The Capacity is from 10b/m to 100b/m.

cap press machine
Ensure Product perfect sealed

Cap Press Machine

An automatic snap capping equipment.Our expert capping technology guarantees the integrity and safety of your products by providing tight, reliable seals every time. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bottles are securely capped, maintaining shelf stability and preserving the quality of your goods.

Flexiable capping system

Spindle Capping Machine

6 or 8 spindle wheels( servo driven for option)
Motor driven adjustments for diffirent height of bottles
elevator Feeder
Handles 400, 410 and CRC caps from 8 mm to 90 mm(customized)
Floor Level Loading
Fast Changeover
Small Footprint
Dust Covers Maintain Clean Cap Supply
Heavy-duty 304 SS stainless steel frame

Enhance your process with

Unique Selling Proposition

To properly seal bottles, it’s essential to have automated flexiable capping machines in your facility. These cappers machines ensure that packages are tightly closed, no matter the type of thread or closure used. With closing rollers and a highly accurate center, they can handle packaging that comes with pumps, triggers, caps, or flip-tops, effectively sealing each one.

Automate Your Cosmetic Liquid Bottling Process


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