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Flexiable Flow Meter Filling Machine

The Mohow NP-FLF Flow Meter Liquid Filling Machine is engineered to accommodate a diverse array of packaging types and shapes, as well as a broad spectrum of liquid materials. With a dosing range spanning from 250 to 5000ml, it ensures precision in dispensing, courtesy of advanced flow meters. This state-of-the-art and forward-looking filling system is adept at handling a variety of liquid consistencies, including thin, foamy, and greasy substances. The versatility of Mohow’s flow meter filling machines makes them a smart investment, as they can manage a wide selection of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types, rendering them ideal for nearly any filling application.

The machine is designed for a wide array of applications including detergents, shampoos, liquid soaps, juices, and edible oils. It offers a flexible filling range from 250ml to 5000ml and is equipped with 4 to 16 filling nozzles to accommodate various production requirements. Precision in volume filling is ensured through the use of Magnetic or Mass flow meters for highly accurate dosing.

Controlled by a PLC with a touchscreen panel, the machine offers straightforward access to all settings, facilitating an efficient and user-friendly operation. Its design allows for quick and easy product changeovers, minimizing downtime. A drip tray is included to safeguard bottles against dripping from the nozzles, ensuring a clean filling process.

The machine has the capability to store settings for up to 50 products, allowing for easy recall and setup. Liquid contact parts are made from stainless steel SUS 304, ensuring durability and compliance with hygiene standards. It can handle bottles with a diameter range of 50mm to 150mm and a height range of 120mm to 380mm. The machine’s capacity is approximately 10 to 150 bottles per minute (BPM), making it suitable for medium-scale production needs in various industries.

  • Safety guard
  • Container neck grabber
  • Liquid feeding pump, such as gear pump,lobe pump
flow meter filling machine
flow meter filling machine

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Flow Meter Measuring System

One Filler Applicates for all industries

The Mohow Flow Meter Filling Machine integrates sophisticated machinery, featuring a system equipped with an electromagnetic flow meter and an electromagnetic shut-down flow valve. This advanced combination ensures instant valve closure, guaranteeing precise and consistent dosing. Uniquely, this machine does not require a storage tank; its design supports a drowned type filling system. This method allows for filling directly inside the bottle, an optimal solution for foamy products, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the filling process. Additionally, the machine offers the option for non-contact filling, where there’s no direct contact between the valve nozzle and the bottle nozzle, enhancing the sanitary conditions of the filling operation. This versatility makes the Mohow machine exceptionally suitable for a broad range of applications, prioritizing accuracy, hygiene, and adaptability to different product needs.

Food Sauce

Mother Sauces,Dessert Sauces,Cooking Sauces,Condiments,Salad Dressings,dips, honey,oyster sauce

Daily chemicals

Shampoos and Conditioners;Dishwashing Liquids;Laundry Detergents;Hand Sanitizers;Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Oils Products

Edible oils, such as Olive Oil,Sunflower Oil;Essential Oils ,such as Lavender Oil;Industrial Oils,such as engine oil,Hydraulic Oil,Motor Oil,lube oil.


Cosmetics encompass a wide range of products designed for personal care, beauty enhancement, and grooming. Moisturizers,Cleansers,Toners,Serums,Perfumes,

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