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Flexiable Gravity Liquid Filling Machine

The Automatic Gravity liquid Filling machine offered by mohow is designed for a time-based, measuring liquid filling of products ranging from thin to small viscosity. This filler is crafted to seamlessly become a component of a fully automated, inline packaging system, allowing for easy integration into nearly any pre-existing packaging line. It operates by maintaining a reservoir of the product above the filling nozzles. Each filling head can be individually timed, ensuring that a precise volume of product is dispensed into each container. This method optimizes accuracy in volume dispensing, making the Automatic Gravity Filler an efficient solution for achieving consistent product fills.

This heavy-duty, portable machine features a robust 304SS stainless steel frame or a PP /PE/PVC for corrosive liquid, designed for durability and ease of cleaning in demanding environments. It is equipped with an Siemens PLC, complete with a touchscreen operator control system for intuitive and user-friendly operation. The machine offers power height adjustment to accommodate various bottle sizes, enhancing its versatility across different packaging requirements.

A product reservoir ensures a consistent supply of product to the fill heads, supporting continuous operation and efficiency. Configurations are available with 4 to 16 fill heads, making this machine suitable for operations of varying scales, from small batches to larger production runs.

Incorporating advanced vision systems, the machine can identify missing bottles and prevent bottle backups, ensuring smooth operation and reducing downtime. It is designed to be upgradeable, allowing for future enhancements as your production needs evolve. Additionally, tool-free adjustments simplify setup and changeovers, minimizing downtime and making the system accessible to operators of all skill levels. This comprehensive feature set makes it an adaptable and efficient solution for filling operations seeking high performance and reliability.

  • Safety guard
  • Container neck grabber
  • Liquid feeding pump, such as gear pump,lobe pump
  • Corrosive liquid contact parts, PE/PP/PVC/Teflon

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Flow Meter Measuring System

One Filler Applicates for all industries

Gravity liquid filling machines are versatile and used across various industries for bottling a wide range of products.The key advantages of gravity filling machines in these applications are their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to handle a wide variety of liquid viscosities without the need for pressurized filling systems. However, the specific suitability depends on the chemical compatibility of the liquid with the machine materials, as well as the precision and speed requirements of the filling process.

Food Industry

Simple and efficient for filling still (non-carbonated) water, fruit juices, and other beverages.

Daily chemicals

for filling non-viscous household cleaners, detergents, and sanitizers.

Oils Products

Edible oils, such as Olive Oil,Sunflower Oil;Essential Oils ,such as Lavender Oil;Industrial Oils,such as engine oil,Hydraulic Oil,Motor Oil,lube oil.


Can fill various personal care liquids like Moisturizers,Cleansers,Toners,Serums,Perfumes,

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