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Flexible Volumetric piston Filling

The Volumetric Piston filling machine, widely recognized as a universal liquid filling machine, excels in its capacity to manage a wide array of containers and liquids, thanks to its precise volume measurement and emotion control capabilities. This machine stands out for its ability to adapt to containers of diverse sizes and shapes, from bottles and pouches to tubes, thus offering unparalleled flexibility in your packaging process. Whether you are dealing with cosmetics, food products, chemicals, or pharmaceutical liquids, the Volumetric Piston filler, equipped with advanced emotion control technology, ensures accurate dosing and consistency.
Mohow is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a comprehensive selection of piston filling equipment, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual options, as well as inline multi-heads, single heads, or rotary systems. Embrace the full spectrum of Volumetric Piston fillers, designed for efficiency and precision, available in our lineup.

semi automatic piston filler

Semi Automatic

The semi auto piston filling Machine is pneumatic driving system, main construction material is 304SS, and liquid contact parts are 304SS food grade , 316L for option.The whole machine includes 3 main parts, liquid hopper, piston cylinder and filling heads with hose or tubes.

pnuematic automatic piston filling machine


Automatic inline Multy heads horizontal Piston Filling machine was driven by a main servo motor or each piston driven by individual air cylinder.It is one of the earliest automatic piston filler.Even after some years development, this type of economy affordable piston filler is still popular for liquid packagings.

automatic piston filler

Fully Automatic

Servo piston filling machine was driven by a main servo motor or each piston driven by individual servo motor.It is main product, after years development, it is capable for  filling liquid with high viscosity and high foam  in the food, chemical and cosmetics industry.

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Piston Volumetric Measuring System

One Filler Applicates for all industries

Piston filling machines are favored for their accuracy, efficiency, and ability to handle a wide range of viscosities, from thin liquids to thick creams and pastes. The application fields of piston filling machines are broad, encompassing sectors that require the packaging of liquid or semi-solid products. Piston filling machines are adaptable to a range of container sizes, shapes, and materials, making them indispensable in production lines where precision and efficiency are crucial. Their capability to handle products with various characteristics—from thin, flowable liquids to thick pastes and gels—further broadens their application across industries. Additionally, the use of piston fillers can be tailored for both small-scale operations and large-volume production, ensuring product consistency and quality across batches.Here are some of the primary application fields.

Food Sauce

Mother Sauces,Dessert Sauces,Cooking Sauces,Condiments,Salad Dressings,dips, honey,oyster sauce

Daily chemicals

Shampoos and Conditioners;Dishwashing Liquids;Laundry Detergents;Hand Sanitizers;Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Oils Products

Edible oils, such as Olive Oil,Sunflower Oil;Essential Oils ,such as Lavender Oil;Industrial Oils,such as engine oil,Hydraulic Oil,Motor Oil,lube oil.


Cosmetics encompass a wide range of products designed for personal care, beauty enhancement, and grooming. Moisturizers,Cleansers,Toners,Serums,Perfumes,

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