Weighing Filling Solutions

We focus on efficient, flexiable and smart liquid bottle filling solutions

Flexiable Liquid Weiging Filling

Flexible weighing filling solutions to meet your needs.Everything begins with the customer choosing their containers. We’re equipped to handle a variety bottles, from 0.5 kg tins or pails, cans, bags, steel and plastic drums to IBCs. These containers can be filled using either basic filling systems or fully automatic, turn-key solutions. As a global leader in the manufacturing of liquid filler machines and systems for filling liquid and pasty products, Mohow equipments stands as a sought-after partner for clients from various sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and food industries, as well as those involved in construction materials, paint and lacquer production, retail, logistics, and freight forwarding.

drum filling machine

Drum filling

The drum filling machine is a specialized piece of industrial weighing equipment designed for filling drums or barrels with various types of liquids. These drum liquid fillers are widely utilized in sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and lubricants, among others, where there’s a need for large quantities of liquid to be dosed and measured accurately and efficiently into drums. We offers both fully automatic and semi-automatic drum filling systems to meet diverse operational needs.

pallet filling IBC filling machine

Pallet filling

Our special feature helps save money on the process of stacking and moving full containers. Just put empty containers on pallets, fill them while they stand upright, and you’ll save a lot. Whether you choose our easy-to-use semi-automatic machine or our advanced fully automatic system with cameras, designed for both Shanghai Mohow and big container (IBC) filling, finding the right machine for your job is what we do best.


Pail and Can filling

The pail or can filling machine is special equipment designed for quickly and accurately filling pails or barrels with different kinds of liquids. It’s perfect for many industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, oils, and lubricants. This equipment makes sure the right amount of liquid is put into each drum. Mohow provides both automatic and semi-automatic options to meet the varied needs of different industries.

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Automatic Liquid Weighing Measuring System

One Filler Applicates for all industries

Mohow Liquid Weighing Filler offers suitable filling technologies for a diverse range of container sizes, from 5 kg to 3000 kg, including drums, pails, cans, or IBC pallets. Regardless of the nature of the liquid – whether it’s non-hazardous, foamy, explosive, or flammable – we have the solutions tailored for you.Concentrating on unique needs and comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific industry sector, such as Lubricants,Chemical industry,Food and animal feed,Paints and lacquers,Construction materials.

Food Sauce

Mother Sauces,Dessert Sauces,Cooking Sauces,Condiments,Salad Dressings,dips, honey,oyster sauce;syrup ,sugar liquid.

Chemicals Industry

Shampoos and Conditioners;Dishwashing Liquids;Laundry Detergents;Hand Sanitizers;Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Oils Products

Edible oils, such as Olive Oil,Sunflower Oil;Essential Oils ,such as Lavender Oil;Industrial Oils,such as engine oil,Hydraulic Oil,Motor Oil,lube oil.

Paints and lacquers

Paints and lacquers are both types of coatings applied to surfaces for protection, decoration, or both.Such as resins,Pigments,Solvents or thinners.

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