Sauce Filling Solutions Exploring Advanced Automatic Sauce Filling Technologies

What is sauce?

Sauce” refers to a flavorful liquid, cream, or semi-solid food used to enhance the taste and appearance of other dishes in cooking. It can also be internet slang asking for the source of information or content.There are some popular sauce in the market, such as Ketchups, BBQ sauces, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Soy Sauce, asta sauces, Pesto, Alfredo,Chunky Salsa, Taco Sauces,Ranch Dressings, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Saladetc. The packaging containers for sauce are different with its usage, having the sachet, pouch,tube ,bottles and jars.

Mohow sauce filling solutions

Sauce filling solutions

When it comes to filling sauces or dressings, Mohow’s specialized in Sauce Filling solutions Exploring Advanced Automatic Sauce Filling Technologies. We offer a range of filling techniques tailored specifically for the sauces and dressings industry, including volumetric, weight-based, and mass flow filling technologies. Whether your product requires hot or room-temperature filling, and regardless if the packaging solution involves screw-on caps or inserts, we have the expertise to meet your needs. We assure a clean filling process, adherence to stringent hygiene standards, and unparalleled flexibility through rapid tool changes. Our commitment is to enhance your product’s packaging process, ensuring efficiency, cleanliness, and compliance with the highest industry standards.

Advanced Precision Piston Filling Machine: Elevate Your Sauce Packaging with State-of-the-Art Bottling Solutions

Piston filling machine for sauce is a type of equipment designed for the precise, efficient filling of containers with various types of sauces. These machines use a piston and cylinder mechanism to draw the sauce into the cylinder and then push it out into the container. This method allows for accurate control of the volume of sauce dispensed, making it ideal for packaging sauces with consistency in container sizes ranging from small bottles to larger jars.

Lobe Pump Filling Machine for sauce

lobe pump filling machine for sauce is designed to efficiently handle and fill containers with sauces, especially those of varying viscosities and with particulates. Lobe pumps are a type of positive displacement pump that operates using two or more rotating lobes that interlock without touching within a casing. As the lobes rotate, they create expanding volume on the inlet side of the pump, allowing the sauce to flow into the pump. The rotation then decreases the volume, forcing the sauce out of the outlet side and into the container being filled.

Saucy Solutions

A Food grade sauce filling machine with sanitary material

For the sauces and dressings industry, fillers that exceed the standard industrial sanitary requirements are essential. To meet these needs, our sauce filling systems are manufactured using:

  • T-sanitary 316L stainless steel,
  • PTFE,
  • Viton,

These materials are utilized in all parts that come into contact with the product, ensuring compliance with food sauce standards and guaranteeing the safe and hygienic processing of your products. Our adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices is reflected in the design of our machines, which feature rounded and sloping stainless steel structures to enhance cleanliness and prevent product buildup.

Our sauce fillers are equipped with clean, lubricant-free pneumatics, tri-clover hopper connections, and designs that are easy to clean. The machines can be disassembled and reassembled in just 5 minutes, facilitating quick and efficient cleaning processes.

This level of design and functionality is critical for the sauces and dressings industry, where a single machine must accommodate a versatile production line. Our systems enable rapid switches between different products and containers, ensuring that production continues smoothly without interruption.

Sauce filling machine features

The Sauce filling machine is equipped with a precision servo system for regulated, variable-rate filling and features user-friendly PLC-integrated digital controls. It offers simple changeover and maintenance processes. The machine’s construction adheres to ISO-9001 certified manufacturing standards, utilizing GMP standard stainless steel for utmost hygiene.

Innovative bottom-up filling and bottleneck location technology are paired with touchscreen controls that allow for precise volume adjustment, while the servo controls provide individual piston tuning. The robust stainless steel frame safeguards the filling zone.

The machine boasts sophisticated digital control for double, treble, and higher volume sauce bottle filling. To mitigate foaming, the nozzles can be adjusted to fill at levels above or below the bottle opening. Additionally, a three-step filling process is implemented to prevent bubbling and spilling, ensuring a clean and precise fill each time.

A piston filler or a lobe pump filler for sauce?

When choosing between a piston filler and a lobe pump filler for sauce packaging, consider the sauce’s viscosity and particulate content, desired filling accuracy, production speed, and ease of maintenance. Piston fillers excel with high-viscosity, chunky sauces, offering precise fills but can be slower and require more cleaning effort. Lobe pump fillers handle a broader viscosity range more quickly and are easier to maintain, making them suitable for faster-paced production lines with frequent product changes. Your decision should align with your specific production needs, cost considerations, and long-term operational efficiency.


The latest advancements in automatic sauce filling technologies focus on precision, efficiency, easy cleaning and versatility. By incorporating these advanced solutions, manufacturers can improve their production processes, reduce waste, and ensure the consistent quality of their sauce products.

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